PAMM Accounts

Get to know how the FOREX-ROI PAMM Program Works

As a FOREX-ROI PAMM Manager, you open a FOREX-ROI PAMM Account and assign funds to your Manager Account and this is referred to as the Manager's Investment capital. Whenever a PAMM Manager productively manages investors' funds by producing a profit, the Manager will get a Success Fee (a pre-agreed percentage of the trader's share of the profit).

    To decide on a PAMM Manager to choose, Traders may assess the PAMM Performance Rating page and choose the PAMM Managers who fit their investment purpose. It is actually simple to discover a Manager from the personalized PAMM Performance Table using the filtering result function by active/inactive techniques, minimum deposit, present ranking, PAMM strategy name, gain and maximum drawdown.

    PAMM Managers invest making use of their own personal funds known as Manager's Capital and the capital of any traders in the account. Kindly put, any profits and losing trades provided on the PAMM Manager's Account would be split between all accounts which are invested in the PAMM Manager on a corresponding basis.

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